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Residential and Commercial

Hot Water Solutions

We specialize in Tankless Hot Water installation with a strong history and success using Navien Tankless Hot Water Heaters. Tankless Hot water Heaters are a great way to save on energy usage and provide hot water for the household quickly and solving the issue of running out of hot water verses the traditional hot water tank. We specialize in full service maintenance on all makes and models, regular maintenance can significantly improve the longevity of your Tankless on Demand unit.

We specialize in all manners of Boiler systems, whether it be for your home or business. We service all makes and models. Combi Boiler system are a great way to incorporate an all-in-one hot water and heating system for your home or business. These systems are a great way to save space and utilize hot water heating science that has been proven for over a century. Whether it be radiant flooring or forced air options trust Mayfair’s decades of experience with such systems.

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gas fireplace

Natural Gas

Fire Places

We service and install a variety of fireplace options for your home. With our certified gas fitters, we can provide advice and options on older fireplaces replacements as well as options for a new install. With new high-efficiency energy models sometimes giving that old fireplace a well-deserved retirement is the best alternative to keeping that old low-efficiency unit running. New units have several options to ensure that warm and cozy atmosphere in your home during winter months.

HVAC Systems

Furnaces and Home Air Conditioning

We service all models of furnaces, and our trained technicians can provide recommendations and options for repairs. With new high-efficiency furnaces and strong manufacturer warranties sometimes it’s best to upgrade that aged-out unit before it starts having trouble at those extreme arctic temperatures. Fortis rebates are available on the models we sell and we can provide some options for the most efficient units as well. We also install electrical furnaces and heaters for multiple options for home heating needs. If you are not a fan of those high summer temperatures we have started to experience in the northern capital we also offer full-home air conditioning units, as well as stand-alone condensing units.

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