Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Power Service Solutions

Mayfair’s team of Red Seal Electrical Technicians, specialize in all manner of electrical service. Be it a residential service upgrade to bring in more power for that new suite, or a new comfort appliance such as air conditioner or hot tub. Mayfair can help you get the power solutions you need for your home.

Mayfair also specialize in commercial and industrial power service applications. Be it hooking up temporary power solutions such as large generators or mobile power systems. We can help get your system set up and running in a remote location, or for a job specific control system.

Residential & Commercial

Lighting Solution

Looking for a new modern look? Still not using LED lights? Mayfair can help with that. With Proven energy savings switching to LED Lights its time to upgrade away from those old incandescent bulbs. Have a shop project and looking for high efficiency bright lights? we have a wide assortment of options for High bay Flat Panels and flood lights. Have a dark parking lot and looking to improve visibility and security? With our LED Flood lights you will definitely feel safer walking across that dark parking lot.